Monday, December 3, 2018

How To Pull Off Subway Tiles In A Small Apartment

One misconception that people have about small apartments is that they offer little room for decoration. Step into most small apartments, and you will find out that their owners have just done the basic decoration. However, this trend seems to be declining as many homeowners have realized that even a small apartment can still be complemented with a wonderful finish; thanks to subway tiles.

Subway tiles give an exemplary finish to the interior on an apartment. They are especially preferred in the bathroom and kitchen area. They have a low maintenance cost and are easy to clean. Yet, they still give a classic quirky, which improves the aesthetic value of an area. Picking the right subway tile color is normally a hard task for some homeowners. However, they can pick professional interior designers to help them in that action. For an impeccable indoor finish, you can go for the following types of subway tiles.

White Subway Tiles

These tiles make the ideal material for any space that is in need of some brightness touch. This is because White Subway tiles reflect light around the room that they have been installed in. To increase the room's brightness, you can go for a tile that has a glossy finish.

Furthermore, the white subway tiles give a clean look to the overall finish. Generally, white is normally associated with cleanliness. It gives a perception that flooring is free of dust. Some people are, however, skeptical that dirt will show up easier on these tiles. These tiles also act as a great way of providing contrast to your apartment. If you have a dark color scheme, white subway tiles complement the final touch of the apartment.

White subway tiles are mostly used in the kitchen and bathroom. This is because these areas are prone to water spillage which might cause damage to a bare floor. The bright nature of the white tiles is also a factor of consideration given that these two rooms of an apartment usually have limited light access.

Terracotta Tiles

These tiles give a cozy, rustic feel to your flooring. Terracotta tiles have been in existence for an extended period; dating back to the period before Christ. They are known for their earthy appeal, which gives a realistic impression of the ground flooring. Terracotta tiles are manufactured by passing refined clay mixtures through high-temperature kilns.

The main advantage of terracotta tiles is their toughness, which makes them last for an extended period. The tiles can last for ages yet maintain their manufacturing standards. Another benefit is that they are versatile as they can be used for both outdoor and indoor activities.

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